Experience Fitness Project

The Experience Fitness Project is a day of fitness-oriented race events and fun learning activities designed for children and young adults with developmental and physical disabilities.

The event will offer a fun opportunity to experience both competitive and non-competitive fitness activities, while offering families access to gather information and interact with different local organizations that provide fitness and recreation options to these young people looking for opportunities to participate.

Date:     Sunday, September 15, 2019
Time:     11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Place:    Issaquah High School, 700 2nd Ave SE, Issaquah, WA
Cost:     Free!
Who:     Children and young adults age 4-25 with developmental delays and motor impairments.

All ability levels are welcome!

Why are we doing this?  Because fitness plays a critical role in helping people with disabilities optimize their physical, mental and emotional health, and increases participation with their family and peers at school and other age-appropriate community activities.  For this reason, Waypoint Pediatric Therapies teamed up with Life Enrichment Options to bring your child this opportunity to Experience Fitness!

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Events & Activities

1.  Run, Walk, Push or Power Speed Race
Participants will run, walk (with or without an assistive device), push (manual wheelchair), or power chair themselves a distance of 100m, competing against individuals of similar ability levels. A volunteer will be available for each participant to help as needed during the race.

2.  Bike Riding
Using their own bike/trike and helmet, or partnering with Outdoors For All to try an adapted bike/trike, participants will have several options to practice, trial or compete.
a. Demo
A bike demonstration area will be available at select times of the day for participants to be fitted for and try out adapted bike options, supervised and provided by Outdoors For All staff and volunteers. In addition for this year, representatives from Freedom Concepts will be present with bikes for trial and fitting. We also hope to have at least 1 Freedom bike donation to give to a lucky raffle winner!
b. Trial
The track (400m) will be open at selected times throughout the day for participants to ride their own bikes and log completed laps, or practice riding an Outdoors for All bike for longer durations.
c. Race
Participants will compete in a 100m bike race.  (All participants using an Outdoors For All bike to compete must participate in the Bike Trial and receive a safety check/verification in order to participate in the bike race.)

3.  Soft Ball Throw
Participants will throw a ball for distance, testing their arm strength and record the best of 3 trials.

4.  Obstacle Course
Participants will run, walk (with or without an assistive device) or wheel (manual or power chair) themselves through an obstacle course challenging their balance and agility.

5.  Yoga
A certified yoga instructor or physical therapist will teach a variety of yoga poses for all ability levels, providing modifications as needed, focusing on flexibility/stretching of major muscle groups.

5.  Dance
An adaptive dance instructor will lead a fun and interactive experience designed to get your child moving and having fun; a great form of exercise for the whole family!

All event activities have been developed by licensed pediatric physical therapists to encompass multiple elements of overall fitness; cardio, muscle strength, balance & agility, and flexibility.  The day is also designed to blend competition with fun, serving as motivation to train during the weeks leading up to race day!  Races will include modifications to accommodate varying ages, ability levels and assistive devices.

Participants trialing or completing a minimum number of activities recorded on an Experience Fitness Project Passport card will earn a medal and become eligible for a prize drawing!

Registration prior to the event is highly recommended to ensure prize availability and to receive event updates. It will also help us to customize activities to meet the needs of all participant ability levels. Participants who register on the day of the event are not guaranteed a goodie bag, t-shirt or medal.

Look for a confirmation email and for any event updates, and we will see you there!

Production of the Experience Fitness Project is in collaboration with Life Enrichment Options, a non-profit organization based in Issaquah that advocates for and works to support individuals with developmental disabilities LEO logo


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