Camp Waypoint

A week-long, outdoor summer camp for children 6-12 years old with mild physical & developmental disabilities focusing on learning and refining gross motor skills in a group setting. Skills we teach include bike & scooter riding, group games and sports, kicking, catching, throwing, complex ball skills, jumping/coordination/balance skills, among other gross motor skills of interest to each individual child. Children receive 30-60 minutes of 1:1 training each day from a skilled pediatric physical therapist within the camp day.

Dates for 2018: July 9-13 at Grass Lawn Park in Redmond, and August 6-10 at Beaver Lake Park in Sammamish (hours for all dates are 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.)

Register for Summer Camp 2018 by contacting Stacey McCutchan at

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