Jennifer Younes, Billing Manager and (un)official WAYPOINT BABY SNUGGLER

Jennifer was raised in the PNW and attended Washington State University, where she earned her Bachelor’s in Communication at the Edward R. Murrow School of Communications. She started her career in recruitment advertising and was fortunate to have Seattle Children’s Hospital as a client. During that time, she created relationships with her client, and felt a greater need to be a part of something bigger, so naturally, she began working at Seattle Children’s and continued to grow her skills in the areas of Nursing Recruitment. While working at Seattle Children’s, Jennifer learned quickly that her passion was with customer service, and interacting with people – especially children and families.

In 2010, Jennifer and her husband started a family, and at that time, she made the decision to stay home and raise her babies. Since having kids, Jennifer gained an understanding of what it means to be a parent, and carries that with her in this new role at Waypoint. She quickly learned the art of billing and although she loves a good back-and-forth call with the insurance companies, her heart belongs to Waypoint patients. Jennifer loves interacting with families and patients and again taking on the same family–centered care approach. If you are ever in the Issaquah office on Monday or Tuesday, don’t forget to come to the back and say hello, get a high five, and Jennifer will even teach you the Cougar Fight Song! GO COUGS!

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